Help Build Music Programs

The need to expand the horizons for kids is growing with leaps and bounds.  Today’s youth has been sucked into the world of video games, on demand television, instant messaging with friends they never met and much more.  The arts and creativity we once had in their lives is gone. 

Help inspire children

Donate piano nyc

What we need to do is work on the art and music programs that are offered in our schools and communities.  Now, I know that everyone won’t be able to Donate piano nyc or other musical instruments to these programs but offering some mentorship, monetary donations or even a few hours of your time to motivate a child would be great.

Getting kids interested in the arts again

As parents your job should be to focus on getting your kids interested in the arts again.  This can be done by limiting their time on social media, screen time on their phone and to have them actually go out with their friends and play. 

For Art Programs

When it comes to getting children interested in the art programs take them to museums, local art shows or give them an image or a saying and a ball of clay.  Tell them to sculpt the first thing that comes to their mind when you say a specific word.  When kids can think in abstract terms they can expand their minds.

For Music Programs

When it comes to getting kids interested in music programs have them write an original song.  You can motivate them by asking them to sing a song about a specific feeling, color or even use a series of specific words in a creative way.

The future of our children and the arts is up to us.  When we allow our children to express themselves creatively in one way they will find the motivation to seek other ways to be creative.