You own a warehouse for the purposes of carrying out regular business operations. This will also include nighttime or after business hours in the sense that all goods and materials are presumably being stored under lock and key. But this may still be something that keeps operators awake at night. They dread the night they receive that call that says that their premises have been broken into.

And for many businesses, it has already happened. So, what is to be done to keep your warehouse premises safe and secure, for sure? You contract in warehouse protection lehigh county pa professionals to look after your premises on your behalf. A friendly warning about these professionals. There will be unarmed security officers on duty. But so too armed personnel. Your security situation may require this.

warehouse protection lehigh county pa

The men and women on duty are trained to handle any volatile situations that may arise. And they are legally licensed to handle those cases in the absence of your public service law enforcement agencies who of course, cannot be on your premises twenty-four hours a day. They have been certified in terms of legislation provided by the city or county in which they operate. A first time inspection begins the operation.

Specific requirements will be evaluated at this point. You may even need personal protection both on and off the premises, whether for yourself or for a very important client. A personalized security plan is drawn up. And once you have agreed to it, it is set in motion. The stopwatch goes off and the shift commences. Now, you may not be a warehouse operator after all. You may have other security or personal cases that require thorough and full investigation, cases that your public service providers may not have the capacity or will to provide you with right now.